Finder 2.0 technical specifications

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The tech specs of the Finder 2.0

Weight - 10g / 35oz

Diameter 35.9mm / 1.41in

Thickness 9.75mm / 0.38in

Is the Finder 2.0 water-resistant?

Your Finder 2 is IPX6 water-resistant. It means that it’s safe for some splashes but you should not submerge it inside water, as this may damage the internal components.

We don’t recommend submerging it in water as this may damage the internal components.

How long does the Finder 2.0 battery last?

The Finder 2.0 has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months on a single charge. The battery life will depend on how much you use your device.

Finder 2.0 battery is rechargeable and cannot be removed. Opening or tampering with the device voids warranty.

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