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Our team is continuously making updates to the FoundOS. We have talked with Found users and listened to their feedback to create new tracking modes that improve battery life and general experience, by fitting common use cases better. 

To make sure that the Found will meet your expectations, please read the explanation of the tracking modes below. The frequency of updates, battery life, and location accuracy will depend on the selected tracking mode.


Finding mode - frequent location updates.

Adaptive tracking - precise location tracking optimized for when it's moving.

Motion triggered - tracking only when it's needed.

Standby - no tracking. Allows remote changes of the tracking mode.

Bluetooth only - only tracks when close to your phone. No GPS tracking.


Keep in mind that the Found will always connect over Bluetooth if your phone is nearby, Bluetooth is ON and the Pebblebee app is running. This helps the device save battery and you might see more frequent updates than the Tracking mode you selected. Once the Found leaves the Bluetooth range, or if you turn Bluetooth Off, it will come back to the frequency of updates you have previously selected on the tracking mode screens.

We recommend always keeping your phone's Bluetooth ON to save the Found's battery life and improve accuracy while indoors. GPS technology is meant for outdoor use only.

How it works

Frequency of updates

Satellite GPS Location

Switch modes*

Battery life

Remote tracking mode changes

Finding mode

Quick and precise location updates to help you find your item.

every 3 min


up to 5min*

up to 24 hours


Adaptive Tracking

Track your device only when it is moving. Device status every 15min.

moving: every 7 min

stationary: no update


moving: up to 7 min*

stationary: up to 15min

Lasts up to 7 days assuming 16 moving hours per day.


Motion Triggered

Track your device only when it is moving - with GPS updates when outdoors.

moving: every 5 min

stationary: no update


moving: up to 5 min*

stationary: up to 12 hours*

constantly moving: up to 24 hours

stationary: up to 6 months



No location updates, but allows you to change to another tracking mode in up to 30 minutes.

no update

No tracking

up to 30 min*

Lasts up to 1 month


Bluetooth only

No GPS tracking and location updates only when connected over Bluetooth. It doesn't allow remote tracking mode changes so you must be connected over Bluetooth to change to another mode.

every 1-5 min

your phone's location

instant when connected over Bluetooth

Lasts up to 1 year


* Switch of the tracking mode relies on cellular coverage, which means that real values may vary based on your region and the place where the device is located. The device needs to be charged to allow switching modes remotely. The change will always be instant when the device is connected over Bluetooth.

NOTE: Change of modes and frequency of updates will depend on cellular coverage.  If your Found tries to update on the scheduled time and it can’t connect over LTE-M, it will keep checking the network with exponential retries of 2, 4, 8, 16... minutes up to once per 24 hours and send an update once it becomes available.

Finding Mode

Quick updates to help you find your item with a precise location. GPS module will be enabled to provide precise location.

Suggested for: Switch to this mode when you lost an item and need to recover it quickly.  

How it works: The location will update every 3min and keep updating the current location until the battery dies.

Battery life: Up to 24hrs.

Approximated tracking

Get GPS locations when your device is moving. Frequently checks for battery status and tracking mode changes.

Suggested for: keep track of your valuables when they are moving. You will know that your dog is in the house or garden, or any outdoor area. If it runs away, it allows you to switch to the Finding mode with up to 15min to receive more frequent updates.

How it works: The device only update its location if it's moving. It requires more movement than motion triggered to start tracking. Once it's moving, it will send location updates every 7-8 minutes when GPS is available. If the item stops, it will be checking for battery updates every 15 min.

This mode will use GPS location if your device is moving outdoors and rely on Bluetooth when indoors.

Battery life: It depends on how often the device is moving. Typically it should last 7 days assuming the device is moving 16 hours per day.

Motion triggered

Track your device only when it is moving - updates twice a day when it's stationary.

Suggested for: This tracking mode is ideal for things that do not move so often and shouldn't move on their own. e.g motorcycle, bicycle, car.

How it works: The device updates its battery level twice a day while motionless. Whenever it starts moving, it sends location updates every 3-5 minutes. If the item stops, an additional 2 -3 locations will be sent and the updates will also stop until it moves again.

Battery life: Up to 6 months without any movement, up to 24hrs with continuous movement.


No location updates. Makes it possible to switch tracking modes remotely if needed.

Suggested for: Ideal if you want to use the Found for a long period of time by saving battery life, and only activating it when it's needed (e.g off-road vehicle, winter gear, only track once my item is lost).

How it works: Does not send location updates. Every 30 minutes it checks if you have requested a change of tracking mode. Allows you to change tracking mode remotely.

Battery life: Up to 1 month.

Bluetooth only

Track only when you are connected over Bluetooth.

Suggested for: If you are in a region that doesn't have LTE-M coverage, you are in an airplane or you just want to keep your device in a drawer for some time.

How it works: You will receive location updates, every 90sec - 9mins, as long you are connected over Bluetooth to your phone.

Note: The device will not update location over cellular, so remote changes of tracking mode are not possible. If you lose the device in this mode, you will only have the last location where it was still connected to your phone. It will NOT track your Found if it is out of range of your phone.

Battery life: Up to 1 year.

For more information on when to be using which tracking mode check: The Found Tracking modes - Which one should I be using?

Do you want to share any comments or feedback about these tracking modes? Please reach out to us at

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