Why is my Found not syncronizing its location?

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It could be more than a reason why your Found is not showing a location. Please try the troubleshooting steps below:

The Found ran out of battery

  1. Press, double-press, and long-press the Found’s button (where the bee is) if the device does not beep or lights up it’s likely out of battery.
  2. The app shows the last known battery of the Found. If it has lost connection and hasn’t been seen for a while, that battery could be outdated and the device could be dead by now.
  3. Try charging your device for at least 4 hours using the USB-C cable and a power source. An overnight charge is recommended to be sure it went fully charged.

Bluetooth is off and there is no LTE-M coverage

  1. The Found LTE GPS tracker requires the LTE-M network to connect over cellular.
  2. If your device is out of the Bluetooth range of your phone and the region you are in doesn’t offer good coverage, it is possible that the device is not being able to connect and it will not update.
  3. Try to check if LTE-M is available in your region. You can search the most common carriers and check their map coverage for LTE-M is available.

You have no internet connection

  1. When the Found is not connected over Bluetooth, the app will be synchronizing the last known location through the internet.
  2. You will need to be online to get the most updated location (or turn Bluetooth ON if your device is nearby).
  3. The Found is in a place where it can’t connect
  • The place you attach the device can interfere with the transmission of the signal. If it's enclosed by metal or several layers of materials it can drastically reduce its performance or completely block the signal. 
  • To confirm if that is the case. Remove the device from where it has been currently placed and see if it improves.

What else can I try?

You can try to confirm if your device is not working or if it doesn't update under some circumstances. There are some scenarios you can test to confirm LTE-M is available in your region. To perform this test, you will need to have your device with you. Please check the following steps:

If you have Finding mode mode:

  1. Please put the device into FINDING MODE and turn Bluetooth OFF (or leave your smartphone behind).
  2. Take the Found with you for a 30-minute walk (Driving will not help in this case).
  3. GPS devices work better outside, you should be able to see location updates in the app (Internet connection required) or check later on the History location if the network coverage is available.
  4. You can keep using Finding mode to confirm if the Found works well in the common places you usually leave it (e.g. garage, car, room, keychain, park, work).

If you still having issues or don't have your device with you to perform the above troubleshooting steps, please contact our customer support at support@pebblebee.com.

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