The Find Phone feature

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The Find Phone feature allows you to push the device button and ring your phone in order to locate your phone. This feature is off by default, to use it, please follow these instructions:

Enable Find Phone

  1. Open the Pebblebee app.
  2. Click on My Devices tab (bottom center of the screen).
  3. Choose the device you want to use with this feature. There is no limit, you can use all your devices to help to Find your phone.
  4. On the device's screen, switch the toggle to the right to enable. It will change color to yellow.
  5. Once you turn it to ON, you can choose the Jingle you want your phone to alarm.

Note: Android users must have the Pebblebee app running in the background in order to have find phone feature work.

How to use Find Phone

In order to find your phone using a Pebblebee device, you need to turn this feature on inside the app. Then, on your Pebblebee device, press the button:

Single press - Finder 2.0, Finder 1 (button is on the bee), Card and Clip

Double-press - Found, Black Card and Honey (button is on the side)

If your phone is on the Bluetooth range of your Pebblebee device your phone will start ringing.

To stop the Jingle you can either stop the notification on your phone or press the button on your Pebblebee device.

Change the volume of the Find Phone alarm

The Find Phone feature is set to use the phone's alarm. By default, it will use your phone's default Jingle unless you select another option inside the Pebblebee app.

You can change the volume of the alert by editing the volume of your phone's alarm. Keep in mind that if you set your alarm to mute, the notification will be almost inaudible.

If you already tried to increase the volume's alarm and are still having trouble listening to the notification: press the button on your Pebblebee device and try to raise the volume of your phone while it is ringing.

On Android:

To change your notification settings for the Find phone alert. On the Pebblebee app:

  1. Go to 'Settings' > 'Phone Global Settings'.
  2. Search for 'Notifications'.
  3. Search for 'Find my phone alerts'. Make sure it's enabled and tap on it.
  4. Adjust the settings to your preference.

Find my Phone using a Voice Assistant

You can also Find your Phone using a Voice Assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant. We created a series of articles to help you with the setup.

Find Phone using a Voice Assistant

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