The Found Tracking modes - Which one should I be using?

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The Found LTE offers 4 types of tracking modes: 3 cellular options, and one Bluetooth-only mode. The main difference between them is the frequency of updates versus battery life.

Please check below for a more detailed description of each one of them to know which one you should be using and when. Our team is continuously making updates to the FoundOS in order to improve battery life and user experience. Thank you for your patience and support.

Bluetooth mode

Updates every 90sec - 9mins (depends on motion)

Select this mode:

  • you will mostly use your Found inside the house and close to your phone.
  • you want the battery to last up to several months.
  • you want to store your device and will NOT be using it for a long period.

Don't select this mode:

  • If you want to use it for Emergency cases.
  • If you select this mode, it will NOT track your Found if it is out of range or your phone.


You don't want to select this mode if your intention is to save daily battery. The Found automatically connects to Bluetooth when your phone is nearby and will also switch to the tracking mode you have selected once the Found goes out of Bluetooth range (~500ft/ 150m).

Low Powered Mode

Updates every 4-6 hours

Select this mode:

  • if it's attached to something that rarely moves (e.g. a trailer)
  • you want to receive updates over cellular, but seldomly charge your device (could last up to 2-3 months).
  • you are Ok with only receiving updates with a few hours gap (4-6 hours).

Don't select this mode:

  • If you want immediate tracking over cellular.

Dynamic Mode

Updates every 5-30 minutes (moving) or every 6 hours (not moving)

Select this mode:

  • you want to track your Pet or something that moves around on its own.
  • you want to receive regular updates, but only when there is some activity.
  • you are Ok with recharging your device every few weeks.

Don't select this mode:

  • If you want frequent tracking over cellular.
  • If you don't want to recharge every few weeks.

Emergency Mode

Updates every 2-8 minutes

Select this mode:

  • you lost your item and need to recover it as soon as possible.
  • you want real-time tracking over cellular.
  • you want updates even when your item is not moving.
  • In this mode, you should plan to charge your device daily.

Don't select this mode:

  • If battery life is important for you.
  • If you want to save the battery for an emergency. You can switch to this mode when you lost something.
    PS! It can take up to 180 min to switch to emergency mode depending on the previous mode selected. This change relies on cellular coverage availability.

Keep in mind that the mentioned battery life considers a fully charged device. If you have been using your device in one of the other tracking modes and switch to Emergency, the battery could die faster.

How can I get more frequent updates?

If you only have access to Low Powered tracking and wish to have more frequent updates over cellular,  you may upgrade your subscription to either 1-year or 3-year premium subscriptions. This has additional access to both Dynamic and Emergency tracking modes.

iOS users can upgrade the plan on the Tracking mode screen and selecting or in-app subscription upgrade.

This feature is not available yet for Android users, for now, you can reach out to our customer support at and they will help you.

If you are already on the premium plans, you can switch to the Emergency mode to receive updates regularly. Keep in mind that in order to update more often, the battery will last less time. Check our article How long does the Found battery last.

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