How to check the Tag's battery status?

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The Pebblebee Tag is a rechargeable unit, and its battery should last up to 8 months after a full charge. You won't need to remove or replace the battery, as you can easily recharge it using the included magnetic cable charger.

Check the battery status on the app

To keep track of your device's battery you can check on the app it is claimed to. The most recent battery condition will update on the app every time it connects to your phone.

On Apple Find My™ device

You can check the latest battery by going on the Apple Find My™ app and searching for your device under 'Items'. Your battery level indication will be under your device's name.

On the Pebblebee app

The battery level will be displayed next to your device's name in the list view and also when you click to open the device details.

Check the battery by pressing the button

It's also possible to get a battery level indication by pressing and holding the Pebblebee logo button on your Tag. You will see a series of lights pulsating in sequence.

The quantity of light pulses means how much battery there is left for your device. For more details, please watch the video below.

The first pulse is an indication that the button has been long pressed. Then, there is a pause to give you time to remove the finger followed by light-pulses that indicate the battery level.

Low Battery: 1 to 2 light pulses

Medium Battery: 3 pulses

Good Battery: 4 to 5 pulses

How to charge your Tag

Your Tag was shipped with a magnetic cable charger that you can connect to a USB-c power source to charge your device.

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