The battery status of your Pebblebee

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The battery status of your Pebblebee device is shown in the battery icon in front of your device's name. You can also check it in the device's detail screen.

The value displayed is an approximated reading of the battery status when the device was last connected to your phone. If you have not connected to your device lately, the battery on the app can be outdated.

Check your battery status

To make sure you get the most updated battery reading:

  1. Please bring your Pebblebee device and phone close together.
  2. Turn Bluetooth 'On' (if disabled).
  3. Press to buzz or play a sound on your device. Make sure it's synchronizing with the app.
  4. Check the battery status by looking at the battery icon in front or below of your device's name.
  5. You know that you have the most recent reading it your device is showing as seen seconds ago.

The battery status

For Pebblebee Bluetooth-only devices (Honey, Finder Classic, Finder 2.0 and Black Card), and on the Pebblebee app, the battery will show an approximate value of your battery. Please check all the battery status available and which ones you should take action.

Battery is low - It's time to recharge!

The Pebblebee devices can only track your belongings when they still have a battery charge. While we are improving and finding ways to notify you when your battery is close to being discharged, we ask you to always keep recharging your devices periodically.

Please check below the expected battery life of our Pebblebee Products:

Replaceable battery:

Honey - Up to 1 year with replaceable battery CR 2430.

Finder Classic - Up to 1 year with replaceable battery CR2032.


Finder 2.0 - Up to 6 months on a single charge.

Black Card - Up to 4-month rechargeable battery.

Found - Check How long does the Found battery last?

Clip - Check specs here

Card - Check specs here

Tag - Check specs here

Note: The battery life advertised is approximated and will depend on usage, time apart from the owner and buzzing.

More about how to replace batteries on Finder Classic and Honeys: How to replace the Finder Classic battery? and How do I change the Honey battery?

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