Pebblebee app Location History

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History in the Pebblebee app means that you can see the location history of each Pebblebee device. It provides different pinpoint locations that the device had traveled. You will be able to look back on locations you have visited or where your dog(s) and valuable(s) have been.

To view history:

  1. Open the Pebblebee app.
  2. Click on Devices tab and select a device from your device's list.
  3. On the selected device, scroll down and click on History.
  4. On the map, will be showing today's pinpoint location.
  5. You can also pick a date in the past. On the left upper corner, select the date you want to view.

What is the difference between yellow and blue points on History?

The colors differentiate the number of points.

Yellow pinpoints represent one single point on the map and blue pinpoints represent a group of points.

Depending on the density of points in one area, some points can get grouped. If you zoom out on the map, you will see those single, yellow, points joining to a group of points represented in blue.

By clicking and selecting a blue pinpoint, you will be able to expand to extend a tab to show all the points and the times recorded for that location. Just hold the tab and slide open to check the full list.

What are the numbers on the History points?

The History points display on the map sorted by the time they were recorded. The clock starts counting at midnight. Depending on the zoom level this order can change based on how the points are being grouped in that area. Just hold the tab and slide open to check the full list.

Get directions to a History point

You can also get directions to this device or to a shared device.

  1. Open the History for that device.
  2. Click on the pinpoint for a specific location.
  3. The turning arrow button in the bottom right corner will take you to your phone's map and provide directions.

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