Required permissions

Updated by Marina

In order to provide an accurate and reliable location of your valuables, please enable all requested permissions. There are some permissions that are required to ensure the app will perform properly.

  • Allow Receiving Notifications
  • Allow “Always” use of your Bluetooth
  • Access to Your Motion & Fitness Activity (motion data is used to provide accurate Left Behind™ alerts).
  • Allow “Always” use of your location to allow the App to accurately keep track of your valuables
  • Camera (Optional, just required if you want to personalize your account). 

We strongly recommend keeping your phone’s Bluetooth and Location always ON. 

  • If you are using your app with a Found device only, Bluetooth is optional, although highly recommended to reduce power consumption on your Found’s battery life. (You will still be reminded to reactivate Bluetooth).
  • For all other devices: Card, Clip. Tag, Finder 2, Black Card, Finder and Honey, Bluetooth must be kept ON in order to keep track of the last known location of your valuables.

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