Can't connect my device with Google's Find My Device app

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This page will help you troubleshoot the most common issues when connecting your new Pebblebee for Android item.

Check if your device is in pairing mode

Your device needs to be in pairing mode to be discovered by the phone. To enter pairing mode in any of the Pebblebee item products, you just need to double-press the button. Your unit is in pairing mode if it has beeped and it continues to flashes.

If your device is not flashing or not doing any action when you double-press it, there are a few options:

  1. Charge your device
  1. Open Google's Find My Device app and check if your device is already listed there.

If there is a chance you already claimed the device:

  • Check if there is more than one Google account linked on your phone, make sure to check on all of them by going to the Find My Device app, on the right upper corner tap on your Account's icon or photo to switch accounts.
  1. Factory Reset your device

Make sure you have a made-for-Android product

The new Google's Find My Device functionality is only available for the Clip for Android, Card for Android, and Tag for Android. If you have an old version of Pebblebee devices or own a Pebblebee for iOS unit, they won't work with Google's Find My Device app. Note that any device received prior to May 27th 2024 is NOT compatible.

Turn Bluetooth ON

In order to detect your unit, Bluetooth must be enabled to detect your unit.

To turn Bluetooth ON:

  1. Open your phone Settings.
  2. Search for Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is enable.

Check your Internet connection

In order to connect your unit, your phone must be connected to the Internet.

  • Make sure you have a stable connection.
  • Try switching to a different spot to get better connectivity.

Restart your phone

Sometimes, the phone only need a reboot to apply updates and start working. Give it a try.

  1. Factory reset your Pebblebee device.
  2. Turn your phone OFF and back ON. Wait ~10 min after it boots up. Your phone needs some time to check for updates and/or to bring back all the background services that were running, including FMD
  3. Bring the phone and the Pebblebee item close together. Make sure you have Bluetooth and Internet ON.
    1. You can also check that Find My Device is enabled for your account: Settings -> Google -> Find My Device -> Find your offline devices -> one of the "With network ..." options
  4. Double-press the button on your Pebblebee item (where the bee logo is) to activate your unit.

The Fast pair sheet is being blocked by the operational system

In the case you dismissed the Fast pair bottom sheet too many times, the phone will interpret it as "I do not want to see it for now" and put it on hold. This is to avoid unintentionally spamming a nearby user that does not wish to pair with the device.

In your case, if you want to see the fast pair bottom sheet again AND if you have previously dismissed check the steps below (Note: if you have never seen the Fast pair bottom sheet that is probably not your case).

Check if you can see your device under the Nearby section

If you missed the bottom sheet, it can still be found under Bluetooth Connections. The exact steps might differ from brands and phone models but here are the most common:

DO NOT TAP on '+ Pair new device'. Google uses Fast Pair to connect and you won't be able to link it with Google's Find My Device app by pairing it with the phone. In case you have already paired, perform a factory reset and forget the item from the Bluetooth pairing list by going to Bluetooth settings and removing it. If you need help, contact our support at

On Pixel and Motorola:

  1. Tap & hold on the Bluetooth tile on your easy-access phone's tab.
  • Or, search for "Connected Devices" on your phone settings.
  1. Tap on the listed item to prompt the bottom sheet and connect.
Access 'Connected Devices' on a Pixel phone

On Samsung:

  1. Go to your phone Settings and search for "Devices".
  2. Scroll down to 'Others' section and tap on "Devices".
  3. Make sure "Scan for Nearby Devices' is enabled.

If a device is in pairing mode, it should be listed here.

  1. Tap on the listed item to prompt the bottom sheet and connect.

Your phone is not compatible (yet)

Google's Find My Device works on Android phones running Android 9 and above and requires the latest version on Google Play Service to work. It is also a very new functionality and is being rolled out on stages worldwide, so it's possible that your phone or region has not received the update yet.

  • You can check that you have the latest version for Google Play Service here
  • You can also check you have the latest version for Find My Device here

You can visit the Find My Device app on the Play Store page and check under "Additional Information" if your region and phone are compatible.

You should also check if your phone is running an updated version of Google Play Services. For tips on how to check your version check this Google support page: (

For most phones brands, even if your phone is no longer receiving system OS security updates you should still be able to get Google Play Services updates and have access to Find My Device features (Android 9 or above is required).
If you believe your phone model and region have already received the new release but still are facing trouble, please contact and we will do our best to support you.

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