Why I can't add my Pebblebee device?

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We know how excited you are to start using your new device. Adding your new device to your account is the first step to be able to track your valuables.

Here are some of the most commons issues users face while activating their devices. Please follow the suggested troubleshooting steps and contact us if you need more help.

Make sure your phone has everything set up

Make sure the Bluetooth of your phone is enabled

  1. Check if Bluetooth is enabled by going to your phone settings. The steps to get to the Bluetooth setting will vary between phones.
  • iOS: Settings > Bluetooth. Switch the Bluetooth toggle to ON.
    and Check on the Control Center if Bluetooth Button is selected
  • Android: You can usually find it by going to your phone Settings > Connected devices > Connected preferences > Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth to ON.
You do NOT need to pair your Pebblebee device with your phone. The Pebblebee app does the interface and keeps track of your items even when the app is running in the background.

Check if you have allowed all the app permissions

  1. The permissions are a required step for the app to work properly. Please ensure that you have Bluetooth and Location turned ON all the time while using the app.
  2. For more info about the required permissions check this article Required permissions.

Check your internet connection

  1. To add a new device to your account you must have an internet connection.
  2. In order to link your new device to your account, we will need to upload that new information to our servers. We cannot link your device to your account when you are offline.

Make sure your device is working properly

Check the battery of your device

  1. Charge your device if it's a Card, Clip, Tag, Black Card, a Finder 2.0, or a Found.
  2. Check the battery if it is a Finder 1.0 or Honey. Replace the battery if it's dead.

For more instructions on how to charge or change the device's battery check your specific device page here.

Check if your device beeps

  1. Pebblebee devices are shipped to you on sleep mode. You must press its button to turn it ON.
  2. If your device is working properly, you will hear a beep and your device is going to lights up when you press its button.*

* The Pebblebee Honey is the only device that will not light up once you press it. Please check here for more instructions on how to claim a Honey.

Your device is already claimed

If during the claiming process you are seeing the error 'Your device is already claimed', please check this article Solve Error - This device is already claimed. We've provided steps to help you solve this.

The claiming process

If you have already checked all troubleshooting steps above, let's try to claim your device:

  1. Bring the Pebblebee device you are trying to claim next to your phone.
  2. The device should be very near to your phone to establish this first-time connection.
  3. Follow these steps to add your device:

a. Open the app. 

b. Click on the Devices tab and select the + sign on the left upper corner.

c. Get your Pebblebee device close to the phone and quickly single-press its button.

d. Wait a couple of seconds. It might take longer if this is the first time you are beeping your device.

e. If your phone successfully recognizes the device you will be prompted to add a name. If it didn't recognize, please try a couple of times waiting half a minute before pressing your device's button.

f. Once you’ve entered the name, press save

More troubleshoot steps

  1. Try resetting the Bluetooth on your phone by switching it OFF, waiting about 30 seconds and turning it back ON. Alternatively, you can turn airplane mode On and Off.
  2. Force close the app by swiping it to kill, reopen and try the claiming process again.

If you still now able to add your device after doing the above steps, please contact our support team support@pebblebee.com.

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