Why won't the Honey light turn off?

Updated by Angela

If the light on the Honey stays on when a battery is placed in, the device can be manually fixed by resetting the Honey. 

Please follow these steps to reset your Honey:

  1. Please remove the battery.
Keep the battery away from children's reach. If you suspect your child has swallowed or inserted a button battery, immediately seek urgent medical assistance.
  1. Take your Honey, without the battery.
  2.  Use two metal leads, such as a spoon or knife, to touch the metal leads in the Honey. That will release any power build up and restart the system. The light should turn off immediately.
Make sure to NOT touch the battery with any piece of metal. Is safe to touch the Honeys terminals just after the battery is removed.
  1. Now that that the light is off, insert the battery back.
  2. Turn the Honey back on.

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