Does the Pebblebee app require a subscription?

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The Pebblebee app is free and you don't need a subscription to start using your Bluetooth-only devices or any of it's features.

Pebblebee does not charge any monthly subscriptions to track Clip, Card or Tag or any other Bluetooth-only devices.

Pebblebee Bluetooth devices

To track your belongings you only need to install the app and add your Pebblebee device, or if you have a Clip, Card or Tag, you might also use Apple Find My app. We won't require a credit card information unless you want to activate a Found subscription, in order to track your device over cellular.

The Pebblebee Bluetooth-only devices, Clip, Card, Tag, Finder 2.0, Finder 1, Black Card, or Honey, does not require a subscription to work. We currently only offer a subscription plan for the Found, our long lasting LTE GPS tracker.

Here are some considered premium features that are open for FREE to all users:

  • History Location,
  • Share with family and friends,
  • Left Behind,
  • Find Phone,
  • Virtual Fence.

You can enjoy all the best features the Pebblebee app has to offer for free!

For the Found

For the Found only, a subscription is needed for each device. You can use your Found device as a Bluetooth-only tracker, but will not be able to locate your belongings if they go out of Bluetooth range. For more information check Pebblebee Found LTE subscription.

A subscription is required for the Found if you want to receive location GPS updates over cellular. That allows you to track your belonging everywhere even if it's not close to your phone.

The Found subscription plan will give you access to:

  • GPS updates over cellular
  • Several tracking mode options tailored for different use cases
  • Live tracking (get your device's pinpoint every few seconds)
  • Device check - check your Found health and status

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