Pebblebee for Android and Google's Find My Device Network

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We share your excitement about the upcoming Pebblebee for Android trackers, designed to seamlessly integrate with Google’s Find My Device app and help you track your items with the help of billions of Android devices worldwide.

In this article, we want to provide you with an update on the pre-order status and expected shipping dates.

Google's Find My Device update

On April 8th, Google publicly announced the start of the Google's Find My Device experience! Check more on Google's post here.

That means that users worldwide will start to join and contribute to Google's Find My Device network of Android users. The roll out is set to start in North America, so depending on your region, it may take a little longer to reach your area.

Do you have an update on when the Pebblebee for Android will ship?

Pre-orders will start shipping in late May in the order in which they were placed; starting with the United States and Canada.

For international countries, we will start shipping following Google’s recommendation. So far, we know that the roll out will start in the US and Canada followed by worldwide expansion. Unfortunately, we don't have timelines for specific countries. We will ship once the Google rollout in that region has achieved critical mass.

Can I receive my Android product before the end of May?

Unfortunately, no. We understand that you are eager to receive your new Pebblebee device and we are very excited to have them on your hands. However, Pebblebee will be following Google's recommended shipping date which is set to start at the end of May. That means we won't ship any of the Pebblebee for Android pre-orders until then.

How does Google's Find My Device network works?

Who better than Google to explain it? Please check this Google Blog for more about Google's Find My Device and how to join it.

What are Google's Find My app features?

To know more about Google's Find My capabilities and features, we recommend to check Google's latest blog post on 5 ways to use the new Find My Device on Android.

I already own a Pebblebee Gen 2 device. Can I update it and use it with Google's app?

All previous Pebblebee items shipped or purchased before May 2024 do not contain the software needed to work with Google’s Find My Device app. As of now, only the pre-orders of Pebblebee for Android products will be compatible with the new Google's Find My Device app.

I have moved to a different address. How do I update the shipping address to a different location?

Hey, there is no problem at all. If you want us to ship to a different location, please send an email to and provide your order number or email you used to place the order and we will update it for you.

If you have any other questions on app compatibility or about your pre-order status, please reach out to us Contact.

- Updated on April 8th, 2024.

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