What is the difference between Finder 2.0 and Clip, Black Card and Card?

Updated 5 months ago by Marina

The Black Card, Finder 2.0, Clip, and Card are all Pebblebee Bluetooth devices.

(As of April 2023, Black Card and Finder 2.0 have been discontinued by Pebblebee).

All can be used with the Pebblebee app and provide a location when it's connected to a phone over Bluetooth and also other app features like sharing, history location, and virtual fences.

Clip and Card are a newer generation of Pebblebee products that also work with Apple Find My™ app. You can decide between Pebblebee app or Find My™ app when adding them. They cannot be used at the same time in both apps. Both Clip and Card also count with LED battery indicators that you can also use to check battery level or locate things in the dark. 

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