The Virtual Fence

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A virtual fence is a boundary on the map that will trigger a notification when your Pebblebee device has left or entered that predefined area. This feature is available on iOS . Comming soon on Android.

How to create a Geofence  

  1. Select a device from your device's list.
  2. Search for Virtual Fence and Tap on the ”+” sign.
  3. Find the place on the map and single-tap on the screen in the area you want to create the virtual fence.
  4. Adjust the size and confirm by giving it a name.
  5. If you want to add another geofence, repeat these instructions.
  6. To delete a Geofence, just hold on the Virtual Fence's name and swipe left. Confirm to delete.
  7. You can also use the toggle to temporarily turn off a Virtual Fence.

Make sure your device is Connected

To ensure you will be notified when you Pebblebee enters or leaves a Geofence area please make sure your device is correctly setup in the app.

Bluetooth-only devices: Check the battery of your device and all the permissons on the app are given.

Found: The virtual fence notifications will depend on the tracking mode selected. To check which tracking mode is best for you The Found Tracking modes - Which one should I be using?

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