Get started with your Pebblebee for Android

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To use your device with Google's Find My Device app please follow the steps below":

Charge your device

  1. Plug your Pebblebee device to charge before start.

How can I check the Clip and Card battery status?

How to check the Tag's battery

  1. You can pair your device while it's charging. To have a fully charged device, let it plugged for ~4hours.

Log in to Find My Device app

  1. Go to Google Play and search for 'Find My Device'

Alternatively, click on this link on your phone to be redirected to the Find My Device page.

  1. Install the app or click to 'Update'.
  2. Hit 'Open' or click on the Find My Device app icon on your phone home page.
  3. Log in to the Find My Device page with your Google account.
  • You might want to select the checkbox that says "Don't ask again'.
  • If you have more than one account, your item will link to the primary account setup on your phone.
  1. You might be asked to allow some permissions. Review the terms and continue.

Double press your Pebblebee item

  1. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is ON and you are connected to the Internet.
  2. Bring your Pebblebee item close to your phone.
  3. Double-press the Pebblebee item button, it is located below the bee logo. If you unit has been activated, it should beep and flash its lights.

PB Card and Pixel phone - pairing sheet

Note: There is no button on the Find My Device app to trigger the bottom sheet. It should automatically appear when you activate your unit close to the phone. Not seeing it? Check this other article: Can't connect my device with Google's Find My Device app

A item tracker has a different method to pair with your phone. Do NOT go to Bluetooth settings to "+ Pair new device". This will not link your device with Google's Find My device app.

Connect to Find My device app

  1. On the pop up bottom sheet, hit 'Connect'
  2. Follow the in-app steps to finish claiming your device.
  3. Your unit should beep and lights will stop flashing. Open or finish installing the app to see your unit on the list.

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