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Connectivity is a Found feature that allows you to check the current connectivity status of your device.

To view connectivity status:
  1. Open the Pebblebee app.
  2. Click on Devices tab and select the Found from your device's list.
  3. On the selected device, you'll see the current status in the upper left corner of the map area.
    1. Click on the Connectivity pill if you wish to see more information.

List of status

Bluetooth connected: Your device is connected over Bluetooth and the GPS's updates are coming from your phone GPS.

Connected: Your device is connected over cellular, receiving regular check-ins. This means that the battery status is up to date and changing tracking mode is available. Location will update when GPS is available.

GPS Connected: Your device is connected and receiving GPS locations, you can access your device as needed, the battery status is up to date and changing tracking mode is available. (Only shown in Finding mode, Adaptive tracking and Motion triggered)

Tracking mode not supported: The current tracking mode of your Found is not supported by Connectivity. It could mean that you're either running Live tracking or your device is running an old firmware version with old tracking modes that aren't supported. In that case, please check if there is an available update for your Found. If you wish to stop Live Tracking, go to the Live tracking screen and press on 'Stop live tracking'.

Connectivity issues: Your device is connected over cellular but the connection is not strong, the location is not updating. It could be that the device is indoors or couldn't get a clear view of the sky yet. If you have your device with you, try changing the tracking mode, moving it outdoors or re-positioning the Found with the bee logo facing up to the sky.

Awaiting report: The device is expecting a connection report since the last time seen. Make sure that your device has battery, is in an open sky and has good LTE-M cellular connectivity.

To improve the connectivity status of your Found you can check other articles such as Why is my Found not syncronizing its location? and How to improve location accuracy.

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