How long does the Found battery last?

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Unlike historical GPS trackers, the Found uses LTE-M for power-efficient location updates. This means that we are able to make the batteries last much longer than other trackers on the market. Battery duration is a little bit complicated since it is affected by a few factors. We will explain a little bit more in detail.

The two most important factors are :

  • Which tracking mode is set.
  • How much time your phone is in near proximity to your Found LTE.

Whenever in the Bluetooth range of your smartphone, the Found automatically uses BLE to transmit data - this saves battery because it keeps the device's GPS off. If you are further away, then a cellular connection needs to be attempted, and that uses more energy.

Here are some guidelines on battery duration per charging cycle, depending on which tracking mode you use:

New tracking modes (rolling out):

  • Finding mode: up to 24 hours
  • Approximated tracking: up to 6 months (no movement) up to 24 hours (continuously moving)
  • Motion triggered: up to 30 days, assuming motion activity 16h/day
  • Standby: up to 3 months
  • Bluetooth Only: up to 12 months

Legacy tracking modes:

  • Emergency tracking: 12 - 24 hours
  • Dynamic tracking: 2 - 8 weeks (depending on activity)
  • Low power: 1 - 3 months
  • Bluetooth only: up to 12 months

We keep working on the Found firmware to improve battery life. If you are seeing a higher power consumption than the described here, please contact our customer support.

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