How to charge and check the Clip, Card and Tag battery status?

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When the devices are linked to an account, both in the Pebblebee app or in the Apple Find My™ app, the battery level will be displayed close to your device’s name. Make sure Bluetooth is available and check if the device has recently been connected to get a more accurate value. To learn more details on battery level on the app check The battery status of your Pebblebee.

Now, for Pebblebee Clip, Card, Tag and Found, you can also check the battery level by pressing the device’s button:

  1. Locate the button on the front of the device - under the Pebblebee logo.
  2. Press and hold the button for approximately 4 seconds.

For the Clip, the LED color means:
  • Red - low battery
  • Orange - medium battery
  • Green - good battery

For a Clip video tutorial check How to charge the Clip and check its battery status

For the Card, there are 5 lights: 
  • 1 light: low battery
  • 2 - 3 : medium battery
  • 4 - 5 : good battery

For the Card, if when you press & hold the button, the device only shows one LED blinks a few times - then it means the battery is very close to being discharged. If there are no lights, the battery might have been shut down at a critical level and we recommend recharging it.

For a Card video tutorial check How to charge the Card and check its battery status

For the Tag, the LED will pulsate:
  • 1 pulse: low battery
  • 2-3 : medium battery
  • 4-5: good battery

We have created a special article about the Tag. Please check How to check the Tag's battery status?

How do I know my device is fully charged?

We recommend charging your device for 4 to 5 hours for a full charge or simply let it plugged overnight. But you can already get started and link your device while it charges.

After charging your device for a few hours, remove the cable and press & hold the button.

  • Clip - If it lights up a solid green when you plug it, it's charged.
  • Card - If it lights up all the 5 LEDs, it's charged.
  • Tag - If it ligths up a solid light when you plug it, it's charged.
Note: It's okay if your device is still showing 85% or 95% on the app after a full charge as long as you had it plugged in for at least 5 hours. The battery is already fully charged and the reading will calibrate on its own after a few charging cycles.

How do I plug my device to charge?

All Pebblebee rechargeable products include a charging cable in the box. However, a brick charger (or USB port charger) is not included in the box.

The charging cables are available in two distinct formats for their charging ports: USB-A or USB-C. It will depend on where you purchased the product from. In order to charge, you can use a compatible plug to connect and charge your device. Typically, your charging cable port will fit most phone chargers and other electronic devices you might have at home, such as tablets, TVs, or home speakers.

For additional charging cable options, check the Accessories section on their website, here.

If you are having trouble charging your unit. Please contact us and we will be glad to support you.

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