Found Features

Updated 4 months ago by Angela

  • Directions- get directions from your location to the device location by pushing “directions” button on the left side of the screen under the picture of your device.

  • Share-  you are now able to share your device with others, click on share, and type in the email of the person whom you want to share with. For the Found, only the owner can buzz the device. The shared account will be able to see the real-time and history location.

  • Buzz- click buzz when you want to ring your device to locate it.

  • Tracking mode- if you have a yearly paid subscription you can change the tracking mode depending on your preference (Note the tracking mode directly affects the battery life).

  • Virtual fence- sets a perimeter around your location; if the device leaves or enters that location you will get an alert. Click the + sign top right; single tap on map to set virtual fence center; drag control points and the area itself to adjust area size and position. Click next to name your virtual fence.  You can edit or delete the virtual fence by swiping left.  You can also disable the Virtual fence with the toggle.

  • History- for a limited time you’ll be receiving location history for free. This shows where the device has been with multiple points.

  • Find phone- use this feature to push the button on your Found to ring and find your phone. You need to enable this feature, by switching the Find Phone toggle to on and choosing a ring tone.

  • Voice tag- this is used if you want to use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.  The voice tag is the keyword you would assign when using these features.

  • Left behind- helps you not forget your daily items when you are leaving. If enabled, you  will be notified if you have left your device behind. Our algorithms verify if you have moved and if your device is still with you in the last few minutes. If not, you will receive an alert while you are not so far to come back. 

  • Mark as lost- crowd GPS- If your device is truly lost you can enable this feature and the whole Pebblebee community will help you find it.  You will receive an updated last known location on your Pebblebee app if someone else comes into range of your device. Don’t worry. This process is completely anonymous and no one will know where your device is besides you.

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