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As we aim to continue improving our products, you might see an update available for your device. If for any reason the update failed, there are some steps you can try:

This article is meant for the Found. Are you having trouble with the Clip or Card? Check this article instead: Update your Clip or Card

Setup the ideal environment

First thing, ensure you have everything ready to retry:

  1. Check for an app update. Go to Google Play (Pebblebee Android) or Apple Store (Pebblebee iOS app).
  • If an update is available, hit the 'Update' button.
  1. Make sure that all permissions required by the app are given.
  • Location and Bluetooth are required to claim your device.
  1. Bring your Pebblebeee device and phone close together. Turn Bluetooth ON.
iOS phones have 2 ways of turning OFF Bluetooth. Check the phone settings and the Control Center.
  1. Check your internet connection. Turn OFF 'airplane mode'.
  2. Plug your device to charge. You can check if your device is working properly with: Found Troubleshooting steps for the Found.
  3. If you tried to claim the Found on another phone, please turn the other phone's Bluetooth OFF.
  4. If you have too many Bluetooth devices around, move to another room as far as possible from them. If you have other phones, momentarily turn OFF the Bluetooth on them.

Retry to update

Once you have set up the ideal environment, give it another try:

  1. Swipe to close/kill the app and open it again to refresh the view. Check the article How to close the app for help.
  2. Open the app again. Go to the device details and under the 'Device Information' section tap on the 'Software update' section.
  3. Hit the 'Check update' button or click to 'Update'.
  4. Follow the in-app steps.

If you still have trouble updating your device, please reach out to customer support at Please provide the below details if possible:

  • Does your device light up when you plug it in to charge?
  • What is the color of the light when you press the button (Found)?
  • Did the update fail when you were first claiming the device or it was on a Software update?

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