How to update your Clip or Card - Find My app

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To ensure the best tracking experience keep your Clip and Card up to date by upgrading to the latest firmware.

  • For Pebblebee app users, you can check for updates by tapping on "Software update" on your device details.
  • Please follow the steps below if you have been using your Card or Clip with the Find My™ app.
If you have Android 13 and are trying to claim a Clip or Card and it keeps failing when updating, please contact us at

Check your Clip or Card firmware version

  1. On the Find My app, tap on your device.
  2. Close to the device's name, tap on the battery icon.
  3. The serial number and firmware version will appear.
    eg. Serial '<16-digit-long-id>' Firmware: 1.3.21'
The latest firmware version available for Clip and Card is v.1.3.35 [10/06/2022].

Remove the Clip or Card from the FindMy™ app

To make your device discoverable and to be able to update, you will need to temporarily remove the device from the FindMy™ app:

  1. Open the FindMy™ app.
  2. Select your device, scroll down and tap to 'Remove item'.

Upgrade with the Pebblebee app

The app is needed to update your device. Don't worry, you won't need to create an account or link your device. Once the device is updated, you can go back to the FindMy™ app.

  1. Download the Pebblebee iOS app
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is ON.
  3. On the login screen tap on "Update device software".
  4. Double-press the button.
  5. Select your device on the list and follow the in-app steps.
If you don't see your device on the list of scanned items:
  • Make sure Bluetooth is ON
  • Double-press your device again.
  • Make sure your device is charged. Press and hold the button, the LEDs should indicate the battery level.
  • Perform a factory reset by triple-pressing, then press and hold the button. (Check Factory reset - tutorial video)
  • After the factory reset, double-press the button to re-enter pairing mode.
  • The Card lights should start flashing in sequence once in pairing mode. If they are not flashing, double-press it again or re-try a factory reset.
  • The app will prompt you to pair the Card. Confirm it.
  • In case paring fails, go to the Bluetooth settings on your Apple® device and check if you see any 'Pb-FindMy' or 'Pb-####'. If yes, tap to 'Forget device'.

Add your device back to FindMy™

  1. Once the firmware is updated, go back to the FindMy™ app.
  1. Double-press your device to enter pair mode again.
  • Your device's ligths will start flashing.
  • If they do not enter in pairing mode, perform a factory reset.
Note: After the firmware update, the steps to factory reset Clip and Card are slightly different. Make sure to watch v.1.3.35 - Card reset steps or v.1.3.35 - Clip reset steps for clear steps.
  1. Follow the in-app instructions to add your device.

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