Setup your made-for-Android device with the Pebblebee app

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To benefit from some exclusive features that the Pebblebee app has to offer, like History Location, Left behind alerts and Find phone, you can claim your device on the Pebblebee app on both Android and iOS.

By adding your item to the Pebblebee app you will be part of the Pebblebee network of users. Your device won't be part of Google's Find My Network and location updates will rely on being close to the owners' phone or another Pebblebee user to update its location.
An item tracker can only participate of one network at a time. If you already added your device to Google's Find My Device app, you won't be able to connect with the Pebblebee app until you reset your device back to a factory state.

If you are looking for how to add your device to Google's Find My app, check this article instead: Get started with your Pebblebee for Android

Install the Pebblebee app

If you already have your app installed, please update to the latest version.

On Android

On iOS

Yes, a made for Android product can work on your iOS device with the Pebblebee app.

Charge your device

Add your item to the Pebblebee app

  1. Log in to the Pebblebee app and accept in app permission requests.
  2. To pair your device press the + icon.
  3. Double-press your unit while in the pairing screen.
    If you are in an Android phone, a prompt to connect your device may appear on your screen. If you do not wish to connect to Google's Find My Device app, tap outside of the screen region, on the top side of your screen, to dismiss it. Proceed to the next step.
  4. Follow the in-app steps to continue. A firmware update might be required. If so, update your unit.
  5. Keep an eye on the screen. Once the update has finished, a prompt to bond your device with your phone will appear. You will need to "Allow" to continue.
  • "Allow Pebblebee to access PB - FMD" on a pop-up dialog
  1. Done! Finish by adding a name to your device.

Setup your item with some features

The Find Phone feature - Your Pebblebee item is able to locate your phone when you press its button.

Share or unshare your device - You can share your item with other Pebblebee users.

Set up Left Behind notifications - Set notification alerts so you don't forget your item behind.

Pebblebee app Location History - Check the pin points on the map of places you have been.

For questions or help setting up your device on the Pebblebee app, please contact our support at

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