Card technical specifications

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The tech specs of the Card

Weight - 15 grams / 0.5 oz

Dimensions 54 mm / 2.12 in x 85mm / 3.35 inches

Thickness 2.8 mm / 0.10 in

Is the Card water-resistant?

Yes! The Cards is rated IPX6 water-resistant and is built to survive unexpected splashes, spills and showers.

You should not submerge it inside water, as this may damage the internal components.

How long does the Card battery last?

The Card has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 months on a single charge. The battery life will depend on how much you use your device. You can recharge it by using the magnetic contact charge (included with the product) connected to a USB power source.

The Card battery is rechargeable. You should not try to remove it. Opening or tampering with the device voids the warranty.

Is the Card compatible with Find My™ app?

Yes, you can use your Card with the Apple Find My™ app or the Pebblebee app. The Pebblebee app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Using the Apple Find My network prohibits the use of the Pebblebee App, and vice versa. You may not operate simultaneously on the Apple Find My network and Pebblebee network. In order to change networks, you must reset the device to factory settings.

Does the Card have UWB - Ultra Wideband?

No, the card does not have Ultra Wideband capabilities.

Although, with the Pebblebee app, you can search for it by signal strength and proximity.

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