What happen if I lose my device?

Updated 10 months ago by Marina

If your Finder is completely out of range of the app and can't be located, Mark it as Lost in your devices' settings. This activates the Pebblebee CrowdGPS® and the entire Pebblebee community can help locate the misplaced item. You'll receive a notification when your device has been found.

Mark your device as lost

  1. To mark your device as lost, please do the following steps:
  2. Open the Pebblebee app.
  3. Selec the lost device on your Devices list.
  4. Search for the Mark As Lost - Crowd GPS®.
  5. Switch the toggle to on.
  6. Done. Now the whole Pebblebee community will be helping to locate your device.

If your lost item comes within range of anyone using the Pebblebee app, you'll receive a notification with an updated location.

No other user will be able to see the location of the lost device besides the account owner.

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