Why my device is not charging?

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There is more than one reason that can cause a device to not charge. To make sure we find the root cause for the problem or identify if your device is really defective, please follow the troubleshooting steps:

For the Pebblebee devices that are rechargeable (Black Card, Finder 2.0, Found, Clip and Card) you need to plug the cable that came with your device into a power supply (not included).

My device does not turn ON the light when I plug it to charge

  1. Choose a reliable power supply
  • Pebblebee does not provide the brick charger, only the charger cable.
  • You can plug the USB of your cable into a USB port. (e.g Laptop USB port, phone charger, brick charger)
  1. Change the cable
  • If you are charging a Clip, you can try to use another cable that you have at home.
  1. Make sure you are plugging the cable all the way in
  • Test the connection between the cable and your Pebblebee device.
  • Test the connection between the cable and the USB port on your power supply.
  1. Let it charge overnight
  • Give the devices plenty of time to recharge. We suggest to let them charge overnight to guarantee a full battery recharge.
  1. Check for lights
  • When you plug your device to charge, or when you press & hold the device's button (located where the Pebblebee logo is) it should turn on the light even if momentarily.

Your device is charging if:

Card: The lights on the top right corner turn ON when plug to charge

Clip: The lights on the side of the device turn ON when you plug to charge

Tag: The lights on the middle of the device turn ON when you plug to charge

Finder 2.0: the lights pulsates green when you plug to charge

Black Card*: the BlackCard square charger changes color when you insert the Black Card.

To more info on how to charge and check the battery status of your device you can check:

For Pebblebee Black Card:
Black Card is a Pebblebee legacy product and it's not the same as the Pebblebee Card. Check Pebblebee family tree for more details.
  • Check if you insert the card in the right orientation. The two yellow dots on the card need to be aligned with the two dots on the charger.
  • The Black Card charger without the card should show a green light. Once you correctly place your Black Card, the light will turn red, and it means it is charging.
  • The light on the charger will change back to green once your device is charged. Please let the device charge a couple of extra hours before removing it.
  • If you can see the light flashing on the Pebblebee logo when you press the button but your device doesn't make any sound, please contact support@pebblebee.com.

After I charged my device overnight, there is no light when I press & hold the device's button

Please make sure you checked all the troubleshooting steps from the first section of this article Troubleshooting steps to charging.

Note: Clip, Card, and Tag might not respond to a double-press or single-press. To check your device's responsiveness, please try pressing and holding, triple-pressing, pressing it five times in a row, or, as a last resort, performing a factory reset on the device.

Please contact Pebblebee support at support@pebblebee.com:

  • if you fully charged your device but there is no light when you press & hold your device's button.
  • if you plugged your device to charge and there was no light coming from it.
  • if your tried Troubleshooting steps to charging and none of those steps solved your problems.

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